Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anouncement: Discontinuation of this blog's Auto-Postings

By The WindChime

I regret to announce the discontinuation of this blog's auto-postings.

You may have noticed that since the past few weeks, this blog has been flooded with spam emails from malicious visitors. This is because this particular blog's e-mailing address is compromised at the level of the email sources because these sources' group e-mailing systems are not designed for such a need as this blog of mine has experimented applying.

Before I set up this blog using's auto-posting feature via email sources, I already anticipated this problem will occur sooner or later. Yet I was hoping that programmers will be able to discover the weakness of this feature before the problem could happen. But as it turned out, the programmers are occupied with the more important improvements of their system. I only hope they will come across this problem sooner so that they may implement an appropriate solution to this minor vulnerability in their system.

It would also help if group e-mailing systems like my sources could find ways of securing their subscribers' email addresses particularly for usage or application such as auto-posting blogs.

Until can find ways of allowing blogger users to block emails from unwanted sources, this blog of mine will remain to be inactive most of the time.

Thank you, and may the good Lord continue to feed you with your spiritual food which can easily be found from other sources.

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